Eth Global Mexico 2022

We sent Nicholas to a hackathon put on by Eth Global in Mexico City who met up with his friend Juan Palimino.

After arriving they went to an event sponsored by Abacus where they talked shop with lots of the web3 experts.

You can find Devin's Twitter post explaining what the team built here


Meeting the Team and Identifying Problem and Solution

Juan met Devin on Twitter, Devin works in community governance and had identified that when a DOA goes to vote on the the conversation around the proposal happens in a separate form where that participants have no idea which users are actual members of the DOA, how many tokens or voting power they have.

As this was not Devin's first Eth Hackathon our main goal was to not only build this solution but also to win some of the prize money. There were multiple cash prizes up for grabs some sponsored by Eth Global and others by companies who would be judging participating on innovative uses of the companies technology.

Devin proposed that we utilize Len's Protocol for the form and World Coin to show verified users

idea was to build a tool for DOA's

Opening Talks

Lens Protocal, MetaMask Some of the interesting talks

Hackathon Starts

In between talks, the actual hackathon started at 8:30.

One thing the team continuously had to remind themselves is what features were core to winning the prizes. They scrambled to get a working repo consisting of

Part of the Hackathon is the art of cutting out features that are not required and working around hiccups.


The team regrouped for breakfast and worked offsite at a team member's place. Around six they went back and did a bit of work at the event location and the team had some amazing dinner. Because the internet was a bit spotty so the team went back to Devins AirBnB and we worked through the night.

Sunday Presenting

The team presented to both the Eth Global team and Lens and World Coin


The team in the end won 1100 dollars split between the three of them.

Closing Speaks Valtiks

After Part

After the event, they met Chris Hughes

The Shibu Inus were very on brand.